September 6, 2013

Teaching Children to Share

It's Thursday and since Throwback Thursday is an in-thing, I'm joining the bandwagon by sharing today photos of Julia and Rafael when they modeled for Smart Parenting in 2006. 

Things to remember when teaching children to share:

1. Children first learn to share by observing their parents (or guardians) act.
2. Explain in simple terms what sharing means.
3.  As an adult, there are probably certain things that you don’t want to share with others. Hence, a child should never be forced to share.
4.  It is important to tell children that sharing must be done because you feel happy doing it and not just to impress others or because of fear.
5. Last but not the least, teaching a child to share isn’t difficult. All it takes is patience, understanding and determination.


  1. Ang cute nilang dalawa! Do you also contribute article at Smart Parenting?


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