September 8, 2013

The Bitch is in Heat

First things first, this is a child and family friendly blog. Then why am I writing about this bitch? Well, because she's as much part of my family, I'm concerned.  Early this morning...

Me: Can you please check why Dengue is crying.
Juan: Mom,  I know why. Dengue's feet is tangled with another dog. I think they're fighting.
Me: (went out) I thought I was murmuring when I said, the bitch is in heat again.
Juan: Mom! (Shouted on top of his lungs)
Me: Why?
Juan: You said a bad word.
Me: What bad word?
Juan: The "B" word.
Me: Ahh, the bitch.
Juan: You sad it again, that's bad, Mom!
Me: No, it's not bad. I didn't mean the bad B word. Bitch is another term for a girl dog, alright? But don't use it na lang when you call a girl dog, people might get it wrong. Most importantly, don't use that B word when referring to a person. It's a big NO-NO. People will be offended. And Juan, they're not fighting. They are making puppies. Don't go near them when they're doing that because I was once bitten when I also thought they were fighting.

Oh, alam nyo na, family and child friendly blog talaga to. A few months from now Dengue will have puppies again. Will again post for those who wants to adopt her cute pups.

The Bitch Trivia When in Heat:

Bitch is the technical name for a female dog, which originated from old Norse, bikkja, or old German bekjon, through Old English, bicce, through Middle English, bicche, to the modern English spelling and pronunciation. 

It is not always readily apparent when your female dog, or bitch, goes into heat. Some bitches may present very obvious signs like heavy bleeding, while others may show no noticeable symptoms throughout the three-week fertile period. Sometimes the only cue a bitch is in heat is the sudden and pervasive appearance of male dogs, showing a keen interest in your dog. Female dogs, or bitches (the proper word for a female dog, not an insult), come into heat approximately every six months starting around six months of age.  The proper term for this process is estrus, but most dog people just call it being “in heat.”  The only time a bitch can get pregnant is when she is in heat.  However, a bitch is in heat for 21-28 days each time she come into heat.  Physiological changes due to hormone fluctuations can cause a dog to be cranky and disagreeable during this time, as well.

Knowing how to handle female dogs in heat is important to the health and safety of your pets and family. If you have a female dog, you will need to take extra precautions during the few weeks a year your dog's in heat so she will not be bred, chased or teased by un-neutered male dogs wandering the neighborhood or even a male dog you own household!
(Source: Internet/Google)


  1. So i clickto remind you that... Be careful with your words.. Haha. Ok, dengue is so appealing to co-dogs.. What a term hihi..kidding.. In few days time dami na ulet babies..

    1. sana madaming magbasa about this bitch...hehehehe.

  2. I like nman how you explain to Juan the mating and the use of bitch. Now that's commendable parental guidance. So alam mo na, when you though like ur just murmuring.. ur not. heheh. And likewise naeducate din ako sa "bitch" ^_^

    1. Kids today are intelligent. Di na uso yung time ko noon when yoou explain mating. Today, parents have to be straightforward and explain things intelligently. If not di titigil kids sa katatanong.


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