October 24, 2013

Axe Apollo Philippine Delegates

Axe presented to media yesterday at Aracama the three-man Philippine delegation who will be sent in Space Camp in Orlando, Florida, in December. They are Evan Rey Datuin, Ramil Santos and Daniel Angelo Roque. The three will  join over a hundred candidates from more than 60 countries to undergo training missions designed to simulate space flight and astronaut training for real.

GLOBAL fragrance brand Axe launched worldwide in January 10 this Axe Apollo Contest that drew millions of people through www.axeapollo.com for a chance go to space. Philippines got 28,000 applicants, who were then short-listed to 4,485 through the Axe Apollo National Challenges. "We are actually No. 4 in terms of the number of applicants all over the world to the Axe Apollo, and the first in Asia so, we’ve been awarded one extra slot.”. Axe Philippines Brand Manager Gem Laforteza said. 

There will be three main events the candidates will have to endure in the four-day training in the space camp. First is the G-Centrifuge Training, wherein participants will be subjected to hyper gravity so as to feel the effect of a higher amount of gravity on their bodies.Second is they will undergo the parabolic flight aboard a spacecraft that will free fall at the speed of gravity simulating 20 seconds of weightlessness. And last is hyper speed flight, where they will be riding aboard a jet that will fly twice the speed of sound.

From the 23 individuals who will make it to the last cut for the space trip, one seat is already guaranteed for a Filipino for the space flight by mid-2014, according to Laforteza.

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