October 14, 2013

Christmas Gift Suggestion: Lava Lamp

It's less than 3 months before Christmas. Here's a gift suggestion you might want to consider, lava lamp.

The lava lamp is a decorative and electronic device that emits a slight glow and has been a popular decorative item for more than 40 years.  It is named after  Lava Lite, the company that bought the American rights to the invention.

Though lava lamp is enjoyable and relaxing to look at it is not intended to provide an area with sufficient amounts of light.  It is purely decorative and if the bulb is set at extreme heat as the lamp could explode and fatally injure any person in its vicinity. Precaution is necessary if you want to own one.

John and I bought these three lava lamps on sale at HMR for only P349 each.  Some stores sells it at P600 and up. 

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