October 26, 2013

Facebook Scam

It's been quite awhile since I last clean my messages in FB so last week I read all the messages and deleted conversations but 2 unread messages kept highlighted.  When I checked it was in the "Other", meaning these are messages sent by people not in my friends' list.

And just yesterday I received again another message...

I'm posting this to warn you from immediately adding people in FB as a very close friend of mine was victimized by these unscrupulous people.  Her identity will be kept confidential.  With her permission she allowed me to use her sad and bad story to warn women. 

Her story...

"The guy from another country messaged me in Facebook asking for friendship. Then I accepted his friend request.  For three months we chatted religiously and got to know each other.  He even showed me documents proving his identity. He called me frequently, as in almost everyday. Well, mostly when he needed something from me, I believed everything he told me and then I fell for him. One day he went to Nigeria to buy oil for his gas station business in United Kingdom but he was trapped in some kind of tight situation so he asked for my help by sending $1000. I sent him the amount stated immediately because I felt sorry with his dire state. Sadly, it was the end of it all. I didn't see him anymore in FB. He vanished without a trace. I allowed my friend, Joy, to use my true story to make women aware and never trust anybody that just pretend to be somebody".

My note:

Facebook is a great tool to connect with friends and loved ones near or far but don't go lookin' for romance via this platform.  Pretentious people are lurking to find and victimize people who easily gets trap in the name of L-O-V-E.  Be wary about this kind of Facebook scam.

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