October 19, 2013

Fall For: Pandora Autumn Collection 2013

  Danish jewellery brand Pandora is consistently updating their seasonal pieces, each year with more class and more colours. The seasonal charms have a through-line theme over the entire collection, narrative of the feel of the collection. For this Autumn, the brand has inspired the overall named Enchanted, which includes Foliage, Animals, Murano and Fantasy all expressing the mythical excitement of the autumn months. 

  The pieces are based around a contemporary angle of mythical stories and beings and one such is aptly entitled “Fantasy”. The collection shows a silver Pixie and a silver Unicorn, each with its own individual spot of eye catching gold. The detail on the wings of the Pixie is only topped by the detail of the other piece in the collection; Mermaid. The collection is complimented by the chosen colour theme of emerald green which will always have connotations to fantasy due to the Wizard of Oz! 

  The collection Animals, which follows on appropriately from Fantasy, uses the colour scheme sparingly but with great effect. For instance, as the eyes of the Wise Owl, the feathers of the Peacock and embedded into the nest of Birds of a Feather. The Swan Embrace which features two swans inwardly facing to create a heart shape in the middle, each have two gold crowns, perfecting the image. The Animals and Fantasy themes each show the intricate designs that have gone into the Autumn 2013 collection. Also included are Miss Hedgehog, Kiwi and Camel which are less expensive than the aforementioned. 

  The Autumn collection has inspired a new range of Murano beads, which is exciting news to update the classic designs. As predicted the green scheme has its own new Murano, showing off the dazzling effect of emerald. However, the most interesting of the Murano beads is the Folklore bead with swirls of red, blue, black, white and green spreading out over the bead to make colourful eyes. The rest of the Murano beads are Effervescence with water bubbles around the bead that come in pink, purple, clear or blue. 

  Very few of the themes include any dangle pieces, only the group Hobbies which includes a couple. It does make the charms more affordable as a result, and there are still plenty of pieces to choose from. In the Hobbies, the dangles include Vanity Mirror and Pretzel both with embedded gems. Also in the same theme is Basketball with enamel detail and Vino with intricate vine leaf detailing. With similar eye for detailed patterns are the Autumn 2013 Icons, which includes one dangle Double Happiness. The rest are portrayals of famous icons of particular places, perfect as gifts after travelling. These include a colourful Australia with the flag enamelled on the front, a Taxi with gold as the light, Cable Car with embedded crystals and Maple Leaf with a dazzling red gemstone in the middle. The most significant is the London Calling UK telephone box with the British flag detailed on the top of the charm; a very fun collection! 

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