October 18, 2013

Fashionable Fridays: Black and White Ensemble

There's something really classy about black and white ensemble. A black and white attire is the ideal chic get-up for any event, be it professional (like client meet-up) and social gatherings with friends and love ones. Black is certainly sophisticated, while white is definitely simple. Put them together and you get sleek and sexy black and white get-up.

I call this the Dengue-inspired attire, 
as this ensemble is inspired by the color of the fifth member of my family -
our loving, loyal and landi dog (buntis na naman sya!)

An early morning walk with Dengue along our neighborhood.

 Here are some tips to achieve that perfect black and white ensemble:

1. If you are heavy on the hips and below, wear black on your bottom and white on the top.
2. If you have big collection of accessories, you can opt to wear kind of  all black dress, or all black top and skirt, or all black top and pants with sparkling/glitery/shimeering white necklace. Or all white  dress, or all white top and skirt or all white top and pants with black accessories.
3. Wearing top, skirt, dress and pants with black and white prints is a statement by itself.

"A dog's devotion to its owner is always black and white, 
because a dog is simply loving and loyal, nothing in between."

-Joy Mendiola
October 18, 2013


  1. wow, i love the quote. I can now add a quote with in my post authored Joy Mendiola. love it, in black and white.

    At lumu- look -up ka magisa!

    1. oo nga no, look-up to. Didn't plan on that. I was actually hiding my break out so I tilted my neck a bit. lumuk up ang dating no.

  2. Black and White is truly universal colors so it show the true beauty of an individual. It may not be perfect colors to anyone but it can make our fashion and looks a perfect one.


Thank you for the joyful comments!