October 8, 2013

Fitness First 3-Day Trial Workout

It's been a long time since I last enrolled in a gym, twenty years to be exact. I chose to exercise at home and run around the neighborhood. Lately, I've been feeling bored about this  routine so I called Fitness First and booked their 3-Day Trial Workout.  It was the end of my trial last Friday at Fitness First and I must say it took me a hell of a time to  do the workout while being watched because I'm used to exercising without anyone around.  Though admittedly  I enjoyed the experience as it allowed me to push this aging body to its full potential. The only question now is if I'm willing to commit myself into going there at least five days a week. I must admit, I'm a couch potato. I'm lazy to the bone that I'd rather stay home, sit and sleep. I'm still having second thoughts because I love that I lost about 3 lbs in 3 days. I was able to sleep early during those 3-day trial. Will I enroll or not? Let me think...

What's best about working in a gym is that you get encouragement from Fitness Consultants and they really push hard to make you achieve your goal. How would you like to be assisted by He-Man? Seriously speaking because this guy's name is He-Man...

The nice He-Man James Inez
The small but terrible Rea Evangelista. She's one of the top Fitness Consultant.
What I enjoyed mostly in my three day workout was the steam room, the treadmill, the floor exercises the FCs taught me, the long chat with the ladies steam room, the brewed coffee, the twinnings tea, the muscovado  sugar, the friendliness of the Fitness First staff, especially Bern Sanchez (no photos, sayang) and mostly the warm accommodation extended by the Manager, Ace Embuscado. 

Fitness First Megamall
Telephone No.: +(632) 910 8000 
Fax No.: +(632) 910 7000
email : fohm-meg@fitnessfirst.com.ph 

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