October 20, 2013

Forgive Us

To those who frequent this blog, I know you know that one of my biggest dilemma is cooking. It takes me  at least 48 hours internalizing what to cook. Two days ago I've decided to prepare sinangag, sunny side up egg and tinapa for my husband. 

Today, I was able to achieve the kind of sunny side that John wants. Unluckily, the tinapa is a mess...

This unfortunate tinapa led to into writing about the incident that Juan told me 4 days ago...

Juan: You know Mom, my friend's baon today is raw fish.
Me: Wow, his Mom must be really good at cooking ha. She can make sushi.
Juan: No mom, not sushi. His mom gave him raw fish!
Me: Raw fish?  Are you sure? Baka naman it's just a toy?
Juan:  It's really a raw fish. It was actually dripping and he lets me touch it pa nga. It smells like the fish I see in our market.
Me: Oh, maybe the Mom is still sleepy.
Juan: Yes, maybe she's sleepy and tired like when you switch Ate's food from Kuya's food.

(Note. Rafael likes spicy food, Julia on the other hand, hates spicy food. So when Julia went home, she said she didn't eat because I switch their baon)

This kind of conversation is an opportunity to tell my children about life so I told Juan...

Me: You know baby, Moms make mistakes, too. You have to forgive us if at times we forget to do things for you. You have to forgive us if at times we get so mad when you mess the house. You have to forgive us if at times we shout because you're too noisy because moms have a lot of things in mind. We take care of the children, the house, and even the dads. Plus, we get cranky when we are PMSIng.

Juan: What's PMSIng Mom?

Me: Ah Mahaba habang usapan yan anak, later na lang. I need to finish the dishes pa and clean the bathroom. Remind me later ha about that topic.

"Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. 
Laughing at someone else's can shorten it."
- Cullen Hightower

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