October 30, 2013

Ms. Gloria Diaz and Neurogen E

Earlier today at Via Mare in Greenbelt, Makati City, Neurogen-E treated the media in a round table discussion about nerve-aging.  It was attended by no less Ms. Gloria Diaz 1969 Miss Universe and Neurogen-E's Brand Ambassador.  

I was all ears as Ms. Diaz talked about her lifestyle and how she keeps herself active and healthy. She said it's important to live a healthy lifestyle by eating the right food, by exercising, by surrounding yourself with positive people, by not maxing out your credit card and taking vitamins appropriate for your age. 

Ms. Diaz also showed and taught us one of her favorite hobby - flower arrangement.

I didn't say much to Ms. Diaz but when the host asked who wants to have a photo taken with 1969 Ms. Universe, I was the first to go. I was starstrucked I even asked for two shots! 

About Neurogen-E:   It contains the right dose of B-Complex Vitamins (Vitamins B1, B6 and B12) and Vitamin E that help in nerve regeneration. It is intended for mature adults. 

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