October 16, 2013

My Other Father

As I watched Captain Phillips the movie last Monday, I can't help but think of my friends and my friends' husbands who works as seafarers. Most of all, I think of my Uncle Tino for he used to work as a seafarer, too. 

Uncle Tino is my father's elder brother but I like to call him my other father.  As soon as he set foot in the Philippines, he'll ask my parents to allow me to stay with them for days and even weeks. Uncle Tino and Aunt Caring has 4 sons so I was considered not just a niece but a daughter. 

Uncle Tino is kind of strict. He is also brutally frank that is why he is misinterpreted most of the time. I personally think that he's a cool uncle. I always believe that those who say the most hurtful words are the ones who really care. Why? Because they care, they want to impart wisdom to younger generations, and they want to see changes and development.

I've learned a lot from Uncle Tino. He thought me persistence and practicality. And just like him, I became brutally frank so I'm misinterpreted most of the time, too. 

I remember many happy moments whenever he was on vacation.  What I really like the most is Uncle Tino's "find the middle finger game".  He'll gather all of his nephews and nieces and whoever finds the middle finger gets P5. In the 70s P5 was a big amount. I saved big bucks on this game!

I've already passed this game to my nephews and nieces when I was still single. Now, I've taught it to my children.

Dear Uncle Uncle Tino, Happy 72nd Birthday!!! I love you. Sorry I wasn't able to visit you today.

"It's fair to say that uncles are extension of our fathers but  sometimes they are way cooler"

- Joy Mendiola (October 16, 2013)

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