October 8, 2013

Total Fitness Magazine

It was only this year that I started collecting Total Fitness Magazine. Their cover for January-February 2013 issue was Megan Young. Since I really like Megan I bought this mag for the very first time. And because Megan won as the first ever Filipina to be crowned Miss World, this issue is definitely a collector one! I'm keeping it and hoping to see Megan and ask for her to sign it.

The article 'Best Year Ever' was a plus factor that made me want this magazine more.  It actually opened my small eyes into loving life and embracing every moment, be it nice or not.

Here's an excerpt from this article:

1. Good vibes all around: Hang out with joyful and optimistic people.
2. Set your sights high:  Shoot for the stars and never settle for mediocre accomplishment because this will help you achieve more
3.  Make realistic milestones:  Set a clearly defined milestones.
4. Create new habits: Come up with new things you'd like to incorporate from your routine.
5. Put a premium on health: Include healthier eating habits and exercise.
6.  Keep learning:  Get your brain cells working by learning new things.
7.  Ditch the downers: (this is the best thing I did this year) Rid yourself of unhealthy relationships.
8.Stock up on new memories:  make lasting memories that you'd be happy to remember  years from now.
9.  Travel: Go and see places, start in the Philippines.
10.  Find your passion: Find that one thing you love to do over and over and over.
11.  Break down your walls: Stop building walls to protect yourself from pain and disappointments. Instead embrace it and then move on.
12.  Celebrate mini victories:  Celebrate your triumphs however small it may be.
13.  Fall in love with life: Enjoy every waking hour and make it meaningful.

This magazine is actually nice but they have to stop production a few months back.

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