November 20, 2013

Deaf Awareness Week (DAW)

Earlier today at Thai Bistro, medical practitioners, media and educators gathered for DAW, commonly known as Deaf Awareness Week. The late president Corazon Aquino signed in November 8, 1991, Proclamation No. 829 declaring second week of November of every year as Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) to address the need to focus on public awareness on hearing impairment, its prevention and rehabilitation. The celebration of  the said advocacy will center on the vision of transforming the hearing impaired community as immutable force in the society. 

This year, Better Hearing Philippines, St. Luke's Medical Center, QC, UST McAudio Department, in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline held a Medical Mission in Brgy Dona Imelda Quezon City last November 20, 2013 to empower deaf community and raise awareness on hearing impairment.

Part of the advocacy in promoting preventive and treatment measures means addressing the problem of ear and hearing. At the event, Dr. Gretchen Navarro-Locsin, a Pediatric Otorhinolaryngologist said, "Protecting children through breastfeeding, adequate nutrition, frequent hand washing, avoidance of tobacco smoke and vaccination can go a long way towards ensuring that your child hears the world through clear ears." 

  The symbolic balloon and butterfly paper, where guests wrote their commitment 
in promoting Deaf Awareness Month

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