November 29, 2013

Emperador Deluxe and FOG's Ice Cream - A Different Kind of Fusion

I'm not into sweet food like ice cream and chocolats. The only ice ice cream i can eat is vanilla. The rest will inflame my tonsils.

I much more dislike alcoholic beverage like brandy.  I can't and don't drink hard stuff like brandy although at times my friends, my husband and I would occasionally drink wine. But no harder drink than that because I get wild (wink!). 

I was surprised to know that I can have both ice cream and brandy without getting drunk and having tonsillitis after eating.

At Foccasia in Makati yesterday, Bloggers were treated into a different kind of fusion -  Emperador Deluxe and  FOG's Ice Cream.

I never thought that a mixture  of ice cream and brandy could be mixed to make a heavenly delight. It was a night when I had not just one but three servings of ice cream!

FOG City’s expertly made Fruit and Nuts Deluxe ice cream has the signature touch of Emperador Deluxe’s distinct flavors of Palomino grapes toffee, almonds and honey. This perfectly complements the rich taste of different fruits and nuts and the creamy goodness of ice cream.

Edy Gamboa-Liu, Fog City Creamery Owner and Mr. Carlos Vergara, Marketing Director for International Spirit of Emparador Distillers Inc.

It was truly a pleasure and honor to meet and interview Edy Gamboa-Liu, Fog City Creamery Owner.  It was her love for ice cream that made her start Fog City Creamy. When she was still based in San Francisco, frequenting the small artisanal ice cream shops in the bay area was her favorite pastime. When she moved back in Manila, in desperation to eat Bi-Rite Creamery’s salted caramel she created her own salted caramel, and the rest they say is hstory.

In the same manner, FOG City only uses top quality ingredients as a commitment in serving only fresh, all-natural and quality ice cream. 
Mr. Edward Gador is the Brand Manager for International Spirits at Emperador Distillers, Inc. and is in charge of all media communications for Emperador Deluxe. Prior to this, he was the Product Manager for EandJ Gallo, the same people who brought Carlo Rossi wines to the Philippines. He brings with him more than 6 years of experience in the wine and liquor industry and has toured to country giving talks on wine appreciation and product demonstrations.

Being a passionate learner, Mr. Gador is currently working towards his MBA degree at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.He is also an avid photographer and loves taking pictures of different subjects from scenic vistas to portraits to mouthwatering cuisine. In fact, his first professional assignment as a photographer was for a gourmet bakery.

His favorite activities include running wherein he regularly joins 21K events around Metro Manila, and surfing as he runs off to his favorite spots in La Union and Baler on long weekends.

About FOG City Creamery

FOG City Creamery is a popular, one-of-a-kind artisan ice cream brand, and Emperador Distillers, Inc., a company with a long tradition of bringing world-class liquor products to Filipino celebrations  decided to combine their expertise and create something that can be enjoyed by many – especially ice cream lovers and liquor connoisseurs.

What makes Fog City Creamery different?
For 10 years I became very particular with what I consumed; I learned to read food labels, and ate organic when I can. The same principle goes when making our ice cream. We use the freshest ingredients we can find and we source organic when possible. We do not add any artificial flavorings or stabilizers and our sugar-free line uses Coconatura Organic coco sugar as a sugar alternative. Second, we are different because of our flavors. The flavors that we offer are innovative and sophisticated, and not too edgy. We try to create flavors that will entice the adventurous but would still appeal to a broader customer base. Also our flavors are very intimate to our brand. It’s a reflection on how passionate we are in making our flavors unique. 

Where do you get inspiration for your flavors?
There are so many things that I draw inspiration from. Places that I've visited, is one. The Sorrento flavor was concocted when I visited the town of Sorrento in Italy and tasted really good authentic limoncello. I find inspiration from places I used to frequent while I lived in San Francisco. There was this small diner that made really awesome banana cream pie that I just had to create an ice cream version. I also get inspiration from my experiences. Of all the seasons, I love autumn the most. When I went home to Manila, I wanted to be bring autumn with me so that’s why I created the Pumpkin Gingersnaps flavor. Lastly, I find inspiration with food that I eat and love. I love the classic ensaymada made by my good friend Chona Ayson of Homemade Treasures that I just had to make an ice cream version of that buttery treat.

Fog City Creamery has two pick up points: Valle Verde 5, Pasig and Focaccia A.Venue, Makati. We have resellers all over Metro Manila too: Bel- Air, Ecology Village, La Vista, Damar Village and Alabang. Please visit the Fog City Creamery website for more information.

Emperador Deluxe;

Emperador Deluxe, from the maker of famous Emperador Brandy, is a golden amber liquid that has been the result of carefully followed traditions that have been handed down through generations. This new imported blend from Emperador Distillers, Inc. imported from Spain allows consumers to experience a new level of luxury with its renowned taste and quality.

Make sure to place your order at FOG City Creamery to experience this exception ice cream, Fruit and Nuts Deluxe, at (+632) 729-9403 or Mobile (0917) 883-3344. For more information on Emperador Deluxe, visit or follow them on Facebook at

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