November 29, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Versatility of Hiraya Scarf Necklaces - Mother of Pearl Shells

Feng Shui expert Marites Allen encouraged me not to wear black as it actually invite sickness and other negative elements. It's just that, I L-O-V-E BLACK a lot.  Ms. Allen then told me to wear accessories in shades of red, pink and orange to battle the bad vibes black brings.

I'm happy that Palamuti by PJ Valenciano makes accessories that not only brings in positive vibes, it actually makes me look oh so fashionable even in just jeans and shirt ensemble.

Featuring today Hiraya Scarf Necklaces - Mother of Pearl Shells.

Hiraya means “the fruit of hopes, dreams, aspirations, imagination, or wishes".  Palamuti gave the scarf a new twist by embellishing them with beads, shells, crystals and seed beads. Depending on their length, you can wear them in several ways...

As scarf

As belt

As headdress

More about the Hiraya Scarf Necklaces - Mother of Pearl Shells

The embellished portion are all handstitched by women beaders. Only 3 pieces are made per day and to accommodate the demand, mothers from one of the urban poor communities in Metro Manila are tapped and trained  for production. The more orders they get, the more projects Palamuti can assign to their chosen community. These scarves are now available  in the Philippines, US, Middle East and Hong Kong. They also accommodate purchased from other countries via their US office in Lawndale, California. They ship worldwide

Available in the following lengths: 2 yards, 2.5 yards, 3 yards 

Materials:  Mother of Pearl Shells,  Seed Beads, Fresh Water Pearls, Acrylic Crystals, Chiffon- Scarf 

They can purchase scarves online through: For purchase/order in bulk email the following: 

For inquiries:
US, Europe, Canada:
 Middle East:
 Hong Kong:


  1. I love this scarf the first time I laid eyes on you wearing them! Awesome job on the giveaway :)

  2. i'd give it to my mom. she loves scarfs.
    caryn morales

  3. Beautiful! Thanking you in advance for this wonderful scarf. And tekti mo na!!! Nothing more to hide. its trimmed and fit na. ganda!!

  4. I want to win the scarf because it will be the perfect pair I can use to go with my Christmas outfit.
    Agnes Dela Cruz

  5. i love it so much!!! send me one! lol ;) hope to win though ;) may friend ako uuwi dyan sa december baka sakali manalo hehehe padala nlng ;)

  6. I wanna win the Scarf coz it's perfect for me especially this Winter ; ) my email is

  7. it's perfect companion on my travels.


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