November 5, 2013

Happy-Creepy Once a Year Party

For the past 10 years we've been to many Halloween parties, from hotels to malls and other places. Among all those Halloween parties, we've enjoyed the most is the one hosted by the Velasquez Family, headed by Ronan and Laarni.  Their house is big enough to accommodate us all, warmly welcoming all their relatives and friends during this happy-creepy once a year party. The food they serve are always superb, killing the moms never-ending battle with weight.  

Ronan and Laarni goofing with their Sumo Wrestlers costume
The husband and wife tandem always surprises us with their cool costumes.
The prizes they give are anticipated  by kids.
The food, oh the food, really makes me drool...
\All these and more I will surely miss for my children, especially Rafael, have outgrown going out on parties like this. I had to convince Rafael to come and join for the last time. He gave in but displayed bored and unhappy face so I sent him home earlier.

Julia and Juan stayed til the end of the party but they politely asked me if they can skip next year's Halloween party. 

Indeed, time flies so fast. Gone are the days when Julia, Rafael and Juan excitedly tells me what they want to be for the Halloween.

For the parents with children 9 years and below, make the most of your time enjoying this happy-creepy once a year party for sooner or later your respective kids might just turn out like Julia, Rafael and Juan, begging you not to make them wear those silly costumes.

Ayn, the ever bubbly host
Moms are required to bring candies for the trick or treat

With the graceful and sophisticated Laarni
I will surely miss going at Velasquez residence. Most importantly I will miss seeing one of my most favorite Mom - Laarni. Arni, as we fondly call her, is probably the coolest, sophisticated and graceful Mom I know. And she bakes like hell. I will miss those banana cupcakes...

"There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater 
looking for a brightly-lit front porch." 

~Robert Brault

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