November 14, 2013

HARNN - A Leading Asian Brand of Body Care and Home Spa Products

With exclusive concept shops and flagship stores in 15 countries, HARNN, a retail store that captures the spirit of traditional herbal medicine shop but with a luxurious flare. is finally in the Philippines! 

HARNN is inspired by a unique Asian holistic philosophy where the key to well-being is to maintain the natural balance between body, mind and environment.  HARNN’s holistic approach focuses on using natural active ingredients in restoring this natural balance.  Many formulations are inspired from Asian traditional herbal medicine where plant extracts and essential oils have been used in brewing concoctions for centuries. 

Last night Media and Bloggers trooped in Makati to witness the opening of HARNN's first store located at G/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City, HARNN has become a world leading Natural Home Spa product brand.  Soon to open is HARNN's second store at 2/F SM Megamall A, Mandaluyong City.

Asian art and architecture from Japan, China, Thailand and India has a strong influence in HARNN’s retail concept.   

Paul Harnn, as he delivered welcome address to media

Products to try at HARNN are Natural Rice Bran Soap Collection, is a milder and more moisturizing soap that nourishes and restores the natural skin balance; Oriental Herbs Collection is a natural skin revitalization; Originally attracted to aromatic botanicals from the lush tropical environment as sources of nutritious and flavorful food, Asians have discovered through centuries of trials and observations that these aromatic botanicals also contains volatile   essential oils with curative properties for the body and mind.  Inspired by Asian botanicals utilized in everyday life for culinary as well as in traditional herbal medicine; HARNN’s Oriental Herbs essential oil blend combines Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, Peppermint and Mint essential oils for a perfect balance of zest, refreshing and exotic fragrance reminiscing of Asian tropical paradise; the Jasmine Collection, 
Jasmine is one of the most treasured blossoms throughout civilizations of Asia and Asia Minor. In Asia, Jasmine is the traditional flower for making delicate and fragrant garland for offerings to deities as well as for use in auspicious occasion to present to respected elders as symbol of humility. In Thailand, Jasmine symbolizes the purity of mother’s love and care for her children. The aromatherapy effect of Jasmine essential oil is unsurpassed emotional tonics. The sensuously rich and exotic aroma of Jasmine essential oil is cleansing, uplifting and purifying; HARNN's Jasmine Collection; Cymbopogon Collection for restoring natural skin balance; Oriental Rose Collection, to enhance natural skin tone, Tropical Wood Collection for an absolute age-defying body care,  Tropical Wood Collection which balances pure essential oil of Sandalwood and Orange Blossom to create soothing and refreshing scent yet calming aroma.

 About Paul Harnn:
Harn started HARNN Natural Home Spa in 1999 by launching the first collection of natural soap manufactured from Rice Bran Oil, which received a Patent in 2004. HARNN has since expanded its presence to more than 13 countries around the world. personal interest lies in creating a seamless bridge between traditional Asian art with modern contemporary product and display design.  He hopes to share the cultural richness of Asia with the rest of the world through HARNN by creating a unique and natural lifestyle

HARNN received the awards as following;
1. Good Design Award, Japan 2003 & 2011
2. Prime Minister Export Award, Thailand 2004 & 2010
3. Thai Star Award, Thailand 2007
4. Asia Star Award, Singapore 2007
5. D Mark Award, Thailand 2010 & 2011
6. 100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2010, Japan Times
7. THAI PRESTIGE, Marie Claire Best Beauty Award, Thailand 2013

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