November 24, 2013

Home-Bakers Pastry Swap Party

Here's an event for home bakers to mingle, network and swap products with fellow home bakers. Pastry Swap Party will be attended by Bloggers who will be covering and promoting the event in their respective sites. Last but most importantly, if you join Pastry Swap Party you get to help out kids with cancer of East Avenue Medical Center.

PASTRY SWAP FOR A CAUSE is a new societal and friendly marketing concept for small to medium pastry business. The first purpose of this event is to give home-baker friends a venue to showcase products while meeting other home-bakers. This time of the year is what we usually call the booth-hunting time to sell products, and renting one can be very expensive and not cost-worthy at most times. Online marketing have proven to be one good way to boast of new products and that’s where the bloggers importance come in.

We partnered with Photography Academy Manila, and they will give everyone in the event with a FREE Food Photography workshop. 

Target date of this event is between Nov. to Dec. 4. Venue to be announced. Only 30 slots are available. Registration is until Nov. 29 or until the 30 slots have been filled up. 

For more info, call or text Joy Felizardo at 09176318186.

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