November 9, 2013

Lost Its Sweet Magic

It's been  3 months since I last played Candy Crush. I was stuck at level 316 so I decided not to play anymore. I find no reason why I should spend hours and hours while it actually just eats up my time, makes my pointer sore, hurts my eyes, makes me frustrated and keeps me awake at night. 

Last night, as the Internet is slow, there's no one to talk to and left with nothing do, I grabbed the iPad and checked the games. There goes Candy Crush icon. I gave in. Played 3 times. Still stuck in level 316. I stopped and have not played for a week now. Candy Crush has lost its sweet magic on me.

What made me happy opening Candy Crush are the lives sent by people. Imagine my cousin Kuya Cadz in London sending lives because he sees that I'm stuck for months. Many other FB friends whom I haven't talked to for awhile sent lives too.

One person surprised me though, Ms. Beth Laqui. Ms. Beth holds a top position in Medicard where I used to work. Learning that she sent me lives, wow, it's an honor. When I first came in at Medicard, many co employees told me, I look like Ms. Beth. For that I'm also honored. We could have been sisters in our past lives. 

What's really my point now? Candy crush connects people and breaks barriers. Poor or rich, young or old, happy or sad, big or small, we all play the game. And though we know there's really nothing to gain from it, we continue to play because at one time or another it keeps us busy and takes away worries and fears as we try to finish a level to move up. For what? To make our pointers sore, hurt our eyes, keep us awake...In short, to entertain and keep those worries at bay while we try to move up to the next sweet island.

For all those who sent lives thank you, appreciate you all! 

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