November 11, 2013

Success Stories: May Pera sa Karinderya

Just got back from Makati Medical Center for my quarterly check-up for thyroid. I decided not to bring a car since it was too early, the weather is so cold and that I wanted to know if I'm still comfortable riding public utility vehicle. On my way to ride a cab, I saw turon being sold at the side street. I went there, ordered and got to talk to the owner.

Meet Rosanna Evangelista or Ate Osang.  She is a mother of 6. She used to be a scholar tourism student at Lyceum. She had to stop schooling after marrying and started having children. 

Ate Osang thought she wouldn't be able to earn anymore until they started their Food Stall in Makati. On a regular day, they earn around P1,000. This is actually on a slow day. 

Her stall caters to those who work in Makati Med Hospital and the Call Center  employees within the area. What's truly nice about buying here is that you are sure the food are clean. An inspector from Makati Municipal do his round everyday to check if they comply with food and handling safety.

Ate Osang with Mark Francis Malabor, Metro Store Field Auditor

Ate Osang's specialty are dinuguan, bopis, atay at balunbalunan and adobong pusit.

Ate Osang used to believe that only those women who graduated in College can earn and take care of a family of 8. Now, with her food stall's good standing, she realized may pera sa karinderya, just add a pinch of hardwork, perseverance and love for cooking.

I was just going to buy the turon, instead I bought one of each in the menu.

In case your are near the area, you might want to drop by and take home food like I did. Give Ate Osang a ring or txt at 09994553294.

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