December 31, 2013

My Take On Polka Dots Tradition

It's a belief in the Philippines that  wearing polka dots clothes is supposed to ensure a prosperous new year.  I'm not one to disprove that thinking because I grew up hearing that from my late Lola Ebeng, my late Mama and everybody else. Yes, I wear polka dots, too. My usual take on this polka dots tradition is concealed -  where people can't see them.

Wala namang mawawala sa paniniwala sa mga ganitong tradisyon. Ang akin lang ay sa loob, kasi at least nakatago ang yaman,di mauubos, mawawala o mananakaw? I'm not making sense again. Well, I'm trying to be funny here because I hate the noise outside and I'm sick right now. I'm spending the new year in the bedroom to prevent inhalation of dust and smoke.

Have a prosperous 2014!!!

Aside from Marks and Spencer undergarments, I also like Debenhams bras and panties because it's stylish, luxurious,  comfortable and more affordable than  Marks and Spencer.

Check out Debenhams in Shangri-La Mall, you might also find a pair that you'd like.

Migrating to UK

My late Mom has three sisters. Among the four, Mama's the youngest.  My three aunts have been in and out of United Kingdom for as long as I can remember. 

It was Aunt Celing, the eldest, who first migrated in UK back in the 80s. Five of her six children are all based in UK too. Only Ate Annie stayed in the Philippines to tend to her business and properties, but she too have stayed in UK for years.  

Second to migrate in UK is Tita Nor. Her son, Norman and his family are all based in UK also.

Tita Be on the other hand goes to UK for leisure and business. She goes there every now and then when she's not too busy with her businesses here in the Philippines. Her kids have been to UK too many times. Kuya Alex and Ate Joji are also based there.

My aunts used to convince Mama to come and join them in UK. Mama refused to leave her 6 children behind. Then she passed away in 1996, at 43. 

So it's natural for me to think that UK is the next best country that I will live in because I have many relatives there. A few months (hoping for a few weeks actually) from now, my family will be migrating in UK. 

Shirts were hand-painted by my sis, err, daughter, Julia.

Ooops, wait, let me clear it out. I'm not pertaining to UK as in United Kingdom, where my aunts and cousins are living. I'm talking about Kalentong. Yes, Kalentong, as in Kalentong St., Mandaluyong City because that's where my family's property and business is located. John and I have call our place United Kalentong, UK for short. Think of it this way -  it's time, energy and saliva saving to say UK instead of Kalentong, right? Am I making sense? I don't think so. Well, that's just my point, life's too short to be so serious. Enjoy and have a great 2014 ahead, Happy New Year to all!!!

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” 
― E.E. Cummings

December 30, 2013

KIMMY DORA 3 Ang Kiyemeng Prequel

My children are raised to speak English since birth just like their dad so they have difficulty understanding Filipino subjects. Although they have difficulty comprehending straight Filipino conversations it does not stop Julia, Rafael and Juan from watching Kimi Dora. Yes, we've watched Kimi Dora since movie number 1.

I super like Eugene Domingo so I find time to watch all her movies. We watched her latest,  KIMMY DORA 3 Ang Kiyemeng Prequel, last December 27 and it took away the stress I've been keeping for the last couple of months.

Line's from Eugene's Kimmy character that I really find funny are: you, the one with an oily face, I can't take it anymore - the smell of commuters, di ba may mga kamay kayo, di pindutin nyo!

After the movie, Juancho's remarks made me laugh even harder...

Me: So, how was it guys?
Juan: It's so funny! I pigil my ihi the whole time so I won't miss a scene.
Me: Wow, you like the movie that much, huh?
Juan: Yeah, I like it so much but I didn't understand the story because there were too many Tagalog conversations.

O, diba super sulit ang binayad ko for this movie kasi di nangulit si Juancho ng kakasabi ng lines like, "Mom, I got to pee" and "Mom, I'm bored". At higit sa lahat, kahit di nya naintindihan ang story e tawa sya ng tawa. That's how funny Kimmy Dora is.

December 29, 2013

BDJ Friends Christmas Get Together

The last time I took a bus going to Alabang was in 1995 when I was doing my clinical on-the-job training at Elsie Gaches. Alabang is one place my family don't frequently go to because our friends who live there are mostly in other countries already.  

All for the love of my BDJ friends, Zen and Beth, who live in Cavite and Paranaqueively, I took the bus again after 18 years for our  Christmas get together. All I can say is, it was worth the trip! I love these girls ( I hope they love me too...).

Nikki, the baby of the group and hingian namin ng kung anek-anek.
Beth, the model and super fashionista

Zen, the super wife

We had dinner at Soi Alabang where great and affordable Thai food is served. The Soi people were super accommodating. Surely going back there if I hit Alabang soon.

Me, the kulit one.
"Stick together not just in good times,
 for your friendship will be measured in bad times.
 Remember, never leave a friend behind,
for it will be worth the trip 
if you all make it on the roller coaster ride."
-Joy Mendiola
(wrote this on Ay Lin Vedad's FB yesterday, December 30)

December 28, 2013

Postscript to Earthday Jam On Tour

Climate change is a pressing reality. With typhoons, floods, earthquakes and other environmental disasters looming, our Mother Earth has obviously chosen to cry out loud. But does the general public know the different causes of these calamities? Do they even care? Or has the all too familiar "it won't happen in my lifetime" concept gotten into everyone's heads? 

The Philippines' longest running environmental awareness concert, Earth Day Jam, has brought together some of the country's biggest pop music artists, celebrities, public personalities, Socio-Civic groups, concerned companies and of course the general public for over 13 years now. Through his musical tribute for Mother Earth, they address the most pressing environmental issues affecting the globe, most especially the Philippines, and push for aggressive community based and individual centered participative action. More than just a concert event, they continuously bombard their audience (predominantly teenagers) with audio visual presentations highlighting the importance of environmental preservation. Various speakers are also allowed speak and thereby give a certain "academic touch" as many of the facts and figures they give are rarely seen on Youtube or Facebook these days. Effective? Well many of the Youth who participated voiced out their reactions online such as: "SalamatEarthday Jam! Sobrang dami naming natutunan!" and "Next year ulit! Let's take care of the Earth! Buti naman may magandang asal na ang tinuturo ng mga banda!" 


With its highly publicized success in Manila, Earth Day Jam sought to conquer new shores with its "Earth Day Jam on Tour." Armed with a small group of solid artists, musicians and the entire creative team, they brought the same "Movement Through Music" concept to other parts of the country. Kicking it off at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu, Earth Day Jam opened  the concert to a jampacked crowd with inspired performances from local bandsBambuSpliff, Dance With me Kris and Kaliftra. The Cebuanos  however,  got loose  only during the solid performances of Manila's premier Manila artists .They were mesmerized with eco-artist-producer  Lou Bonnevie performing with much gusto and wit  that got the audience up to their feet.  Rivermaya, Nina and Noel Cabangon was at their best elements.  The group then flew off to Dumaguete for another jampacked performance, only this time to be joined by local band, Skillage and Acoustic icon Paolo Santos in Robinsons’ Activity Center.  In less than a week, Earth Day Jam then visited the Marquee Mall in the beautiful city of Pampanga with an added performance by the Bloomfields. 

The events, hosted by Karel Marquez, Midi G. and Danica Sotto, all stayed true to their roots. Their main purpose and the all important theme of environmentalism was never forgotten. "Green" games were played, and seedlings from partner government agency DENR were given to the audience. Environmental guest speakers taught everyone a thing or two about how they themselves could help in the fight against climate change. Several Audio visual presentations as collated and produced by Earthday jam Director Toto Gentica  swept  the minds of the youngsters that the only way we can mitigate the ill effects of manmade pollution is by making a concerted effort in doing the little things that matter such as .  Several relief goods were given by the audience in support of the typhoon survivors.   

KUDOS to  the organizers and supporters Ayala Center Cebu,Robinsons’ Place Dumaguete, Marquee Mall Pampanga with Energy Development Corporation, Manhattan Suites Inn, Gery’s Grill , City Government of Cebu &Dumaguete, Provincial Government of Negros Oriental and The Philippine Star . For more info on the upcoming Earthday Jam 2014 Tour,  like the facebook page of Earthday Jam Foundation or email at

December 27, 2013

Tattoo Talk: Parents' Love

I'm really fascinated with tattoo but since I can't have it in this lifetime, I take photos of the people I meet and ask the story behind the art of choice. 

Today's featured tattoo are names of kids.

Her tattoo caught my eyes while riding at MRT

Joseph works at Clawdaddy - Shangri-La Mall

“Bound by Blood, Marked by the Dragonfly.” 
― L.L. Akers, Let Me Go

December 26, 2013

Modest But One of the Merriest Christmas

We didn't put up any Christmas decor this year. Oh how I miss our 7 foot Christmas tree where I used to place all presents.  Although we still managed to give gifts to family and friends, it's not as much as before. We tightened our belts this year because all funds were used for the construction of our house in UK .  The couch, ref, double deck bed with pull-out, the kids closets and cabinets are all out. We've sold them all. For a month, we haven't had a cold water, except when we buy ice or when we visit Mama-in-law. This is our most modest Christmas by far but definitely one of the merriest because my friends, namely Nora, Lyn and Cris chose to spend their Noche Buena with us. I thought I was just going to sleep right after Mass but because they are all here, we were all up until 4am!

Lyn and Nora never left me when I needed them most. They are friends who were there
when the going gets tough.
Cris is my friend way back in college. He's one of my kindest guy friend.

The Aguas Family unexpectedly arrived and spent their Christmas with us, too.
It's wonderful to see the kids having fun together.

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, 
everything is softer and more beautiful."
- Norman Vincent Peale 

December 24, 2013

We Experienced the Journey to Juenevie

John and I are too busy for our upcoming migration to "UK". We're doing a lot of errands that we do not have the time to go on a spa treatment. It's nice that we that we've experienced the "Journey that is Juenevie".  

Juenevie offers Anti-aging Treatments in the comfort of your home.  The therapists bring treatment bed, sanitized towels and linens, soothing music and candles. Plus, their therapists are trained with ESPA Technologies (Dubai-trained trainor). They are the first to bring the brand of equipment line in the country and guarantee results without the need for surgical enhancement and rather induce your own natural ability to remain youthful. In addition, their Essential oils and Body Exfoliants are meticulously made and luxuriously created by a team of chemists lathering your body with the purest and organic youth-enhancing ingredients to rejuvenate skin and is exclusive only to Juenevie.

I tried Juenevie Beauty Light & Lifting Therapy while John had Juenevie Signature Massage (10-Culture Touch Massage. 

Juenevie Beauty Light & Lifting Therapy harness the raw power of nature at optimal levels to stimulate nutrient flow, circulation and elasticity, intensifying your skin's intrinsic ability to actively repair and rejuvenate. Renew your skin from environmental damage with our collection of indulgent skin rituals favored by internationally acclaimed spas. Our Juenevie Light therapy is the strongest in its product line giving your skin that radiance that can last up to 3 days giving you that glow. Done everyday or every two days; you get the optimum results.

Juenevie Signature Massage (10-Culture Touch Massage) is a unique combination of Ten Massages in one,  from all over the world. Combined with your choice of exclusive Juenevie Essential Oils they bring you to the pinnacle of massage indulgence.

Other Signature Massage

Four Hands Mandara Massage
The Juenevie Four Hands Mandara Massage involves oiled synchronized techniques and application of effleurage pressure and stretching using Juenevie essential oils. This very relaxing massage is performed by two trained therapists who work together harmoniously using fingers, hands and arms bringing you into a deep state of mental rest and relaxation.

Juenevie Aromatherapy Massage
The Juenevie Aromatherapy Massage gives you an array of Twenty (20) choices of essential blends giving you the liberty to choose (1) or (2) scents we shall combine for your treatment booking:

Juenevie Thai Massage
Origins of Thai Massage involve stretching and deep massage and are performed on the floor. It is quite similar to yoga that it aims to improve flexibility and circulation while stimulating lymph nodes to clear the body of toxicants. This massage is both therapeutic and spiritual in nature and will leave you rejuvenated.

Juenevie Balinese Massage
This indulgent oiled Indonesian Balinese Massage is known to be a ritual before weddings. Escape this world and renew your mind with Juenevie Balinese Massage that is the blend of aromatherapy essential oils and acupressure, firm and gentle strokes that will bring you into a deep state of sleep, mental and physical well- being.

Juenevie 80 Sun Stone Therapy
Juenevie Sun Stone Therapy includes 80 Basalt stones which are heated delivering relief as it is positioned in various parts of the body including the face. This healing stone ritual relaxes tensed muscles and thereafter the body is luxuriously lathered with Juenevie essential oils massage leaving you renewed and invigorated.

Contact Number:0943 5186163 
0927 6876903

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake visited Tacloban

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, after a four day visit to the Philippines, said that he was deeply impressed by the spirit of the people and the communities working with the government, United Nations and other partners to rebuild their lives and futures.

The massive typhoon disrupted the lives of nearly six million children and destroyed the homes of 1.4 million children and their families.

While I had followed the reports of progress closely from UNICEFs New York Headquarters, no statistics can adequately capture the physical and human challenges that remain, said Lake. I came here not only to see the progress first-hand, but also to thank our UNICEF staff who have been here from the start and will continue to support the rebuilding effort for the long term.

UNICEF has mobilized experts from all over the world to support the relief effort, increasing the staff on the ground to over 100 people to coordinate a plan for recovery to strengthen services for children. This will include working with the government and partners in supporting back-to-learning efforts; strengthening the child protection system, working on reestablishing and rehabilitating water systems and the cold chain for delivery of safe vaccines and providing services to children threatened by malnutrition.

The childrens agency helped restore water to the city of Tacloban eight days after the Typhoon struck, and aims to assist in restoring safe water to more than 60 communities.

The Philippine government re-opened schools in the area on December 2, and principals and educators were already working to help children resume learning even in the absence of books and classrooms. All over the islands, communities are working together to clean schools; 193 classroom-sized tents have been erected for close to 20,000 students, and over 50,000 children are benefitting from UNICEF school supplies.

UNICEF is providing child-friendly tents for children and mother-baby tents staffed with trained volunteers are there to help children process the pain of their experiences. UNICEF is also working closely with teachers and administrators to support the challenges of working with children who have suffered great loss.

The children
s agency has trained 44 police and social workers throughout the affected areas to identify children who have been separated from their families and may be in need of special care.

None of this could have been done without the support UNICEF has received for the Philippines from around the world, especially from individuals and private sector partners through our national committees, said Lake.

Lake met and spoke with children, teachers and parents at numerous schools, learning spaces, child-friendly tents and vaccination sites in Leyte and Eastern Samar on Saturday and Sunday.

December 23, 2013

Krem-Top Coffee Creamer launches Change for the Better Pilipinas Campaign

Krem-Top’s annual “Change for the Better” campaign has been all about making small changes to make a big impact. This year, those small changes are about to get bigger as they rally the entire country to make a change through the “Change for the Better Pilipinas” campaign which was launched last December 5, 2013 with Krem-top’s brand ambassadors Papa Jack and Richard Yap. Simulan na ang pagbabago, starting with your choice of coffee creamer! Change for the Better Pilipinas! For more information, log on to our facebook page: or follow us on twitter: @kremtopPH

December 22, 2013

Eat Your Heart Out

Don't miss  Eat Your Heart Out with Chef Michelle Adrillana on February 16, 2014 at the Rockwell Tent. Eat Your Heart Out is  a food and lifestyle event that will feature the chefs of the new generation with the special participation of the country's celebrated master chefs as well.