December 29, 2013

BDJ Friends Christmas Get Together

The last time I took a bus going to Alabang was in 1995 when I was doing my clinical on-the-job training at Elsie Gaches. Alabang is one place my family don't frequently go to because our friends who live there are mostly in other countries already.  

All for the love of my BDJ friends, Zen and Beth, who live in Cavite and Paranaqueively, I took the bus again after 18 years for our  Christmas get together. All I can say is, it was worth the trip! I love these girls ( I hope they love me too...).

Nikki, the baby of the group and hingian namin ng kung anek-anek.
Beth, the model and super fashionista

Zen, the super wife

We had dinner at Soi Alabang where great and affordable Thai food is served. The Soi people were super accommodating. Surely going back there if I hit Alabang soon.

Me, the kulit one.
"Stick together not just in good times,
 for your friendship will be measured in bad times.
 Remember, never leave a friend behind,
for it will be worth the trip 
if you all make it on the roller coaster ride."
-Joy Mendiola
(wrote this on Ay Lin Vedad's FB yesterday, December 30)

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