December 9, 2013

Birthday Wish Come True at LazerXtreme

Twins Julia and Rafael turned 11 yesterday. They are at the age where they know exactly what they want but still respectfully asks permission before doing anything.  

A couple of months ago...

Me: So, what do you want for your birthday.
Julia: I don't like party na, Mom. It'll tire you from preparation til after the party.
Rafael: Is it ok ba if we go to LazerXtreme na lang?
Julia: Yeah, I like that too mom but if it's not pwede, it's ok lang.
Rafael: We can stay home na lang so you can rest and relax.

Who am I to refuse such good behavior? And so yesterday we headed at LazerXtreme located at the 4th floor of Market!Market! in Taguig, to make the twins birthday wish come true.

Lazerxtreme uses the NexusPRO Laser Packs (from Australia) for its laser tag game. Equipped with the latest generation of LEDs in a durable, light-weight vest and phasor, the NexusPRO Laser Pack is capable of emitting 8 different, powerful colors and beams, providing players not only flexibility in their choice of colors but also the latest in comfort or ease in wear and handling.

LazerXtreme provides spacious, multi-level arena where players have the chance to play “hide and seek” in a challenge-filled maze of ramps, passages and secret chambers, complete with visual and audio special effects (glow-in-the-dark space murals, lights-in-motion, exciting music).

Julia, who's usually quiet, shy and prim and proper goes wild trying to beat his twin brother. Rafael, wants to be in the army when he grows up so at LazerXtreme, he actually feels like in the battlefield already.

Special thanks to Rain and Kokoy for assisting us well.

LazerXtreme is the ideal venue for any events like birthday party, Christmas party, a team-building seminar, or a school outing. They have a function room that can accommodate some 40 guests, while function room 2 can accommodate some 30 guests. Both rooms can be combined and accommodate some 80 guests. Various packages can be put together to suit your budget. The LazerXtreme Center and its facilities may be exclusively reserved for private events.


Weekdays (Mon-Thu) P170 per Person per Game
Weekends & Holidays P190 per Person per Game

Exclusive (Max of 30 Players)
Weekdays (Mon-Thu) P4,760 per Game
Weekends & Holidays P5,320 per Game

For more information, please contact:
Telephone: +63 917 8 LAZERX
+63 917 852 9379
+63 (02) 856 64 67
0905-222 1253

Or visit LazerXtreme Market! Market! 4th floor, in the Activity Center wing of Market! Market! Mall,
Fort Bonifacio, Manila


  1. they're all growing up so fast, grabe! send my hugs and kisses to julia and rafael, joy :) Nina loves Lazer Extreme din, they can bond next time

  2. Happy birthday to twins! Wishing them happiness, joy, happy and healthy life.. mwah.


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