December 30, 2013

KIMMY DORA 3 Ang Kiyemeng Prequel

My children are raised to speak English since birth just like their dad so they have difficulty understanding Filipino subjects. Although they have difficulty comprehending straight Filipino conversations it does not stop Julia, Rafael and Juan from watching Kimi Dora. Yes, we've watched Kimi Dora since movie number 1.

I super like Eugene Domingo so I find time to watch all her movies. We watched her latest,  KIMMY DORA 3 Ang Kiyemeng Prequel, last December 27 and it took away the stress I've been keeping for the last couple of months.

Line's from Eugene's Kimmy character that I really find funny are: you, the one with an oily face, I can't take it anymore - the smell of commuters, di ba may mga kamay kayo, di pindutin nyo!

After the movie, Juancho's remarks made me laugh even harder...

Me: So, how was it guys?
Juan: It's so funny! I pigil my ihi the whole time so I won't miss a scene.
Me: Wow, you like the movie that much, huh?
Juan: Yeah, I like it so much but I didn't understand the story because there were too many Tagalog conversations.

O, diba super sulit ang binayad ko for this movie kasi di nangulit si Juancho ng kakasabi ng lines like, "Mom, I got to pee" and "Mom, I'm bored". At higit sa lahat, kahit di nya naintindihan ang story e tawa sya ng tawa. That's how funny Kimmy Dora is.

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  1. We're so late na for this movie .. waaaa.. busy busy busy...


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