December 31, 2013

My Take On Polka Dots Tradition

It's a belief in the Philippines that  wearing polka dots clothes is supposed to ensure a prosperous new year.  I'm not one to disprove that thinking because I grew up hearing that from my late Lola Ebeng, my late Mama and everybody else. Yes, I wear polka dots, too. My usual take on this polka dots tradition is concealed -  where people can't see them.

Wala namang mawawala sa paniniwala sa mga ganitong tradisyon. Ang akin lang ay sa loob, kasi at least nakatago ang yaman,di mauubos, mawawala o mananakaw? I'm not making sense again. Well, I'm trying to be funny here because I hate the noise outside and I'm sick right now. I'm spending the new year in the bedroom to prevent inhalation of dust and smoke.

Have a prosperous 2014!!!

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