December 18, 2013

Two Lovers and Safe Haven

I haven't written anything in five days now. I'm too tired, too slow. Nothing creative my mind so yesterday I rented four movies at Video City just to see if it'll push out of my bed and inspire to write. I just finished two movies in a row.

Two Lovers is a movie  about a guy (starring Joaquin Phoenix) who has been jilted by his fiance and soon succumb into depression. He one day met two women who give new color into his life. This movie gives a viewer a chance to choose between what you want and what you really need. It opens up your eyes between reality and fantasy.


Safe Have is a romantic drama starring Josh Duhamel andJulianne Hough.  This story is based on a novel written by author Nicholas Sparks (the same author of The Notebook). This is a thrilling love story, only proving that love finds you and not the other way around. It also talks about family, loss of a loved one.

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