December 24, 2013

We Experienced the Journey to Juenevie

John and I are too busy for our upcoming migration to "UK". We're doing a lot of errands that we do not have the time to go on a spa treatment. It's nice that we that we've experienced the "Journey that is Juenevie".  

Juenevie offers Anti-aging Treatments in the comfort of your home.  The therapists bring treatment bed, sanitized towels and linens, soothing music and candles. Plus, their therapists are trained with ESPA Technologies (Dubai-trained trainor). They are the first to bring the brand of equipment line in the country and guarantee results without the need for surgical enhancement and rather induce your own natural ability to remain youthful. In addition, their Essential oils and Body Exfoliants are meticulously made and luxuriously created by a team of chemists lathering your body with the purest and organic youth-enhancing ingredients to rejuvenate skin and is exclusive only to Juenevie.

I tried Juenevie Beauty Light & Lifting Therapy while John had Juenevie Signature Massage (10-Culture Touch Massage. 

Juenevie Beauty Light & Lifting Therapy harness the raw power of nature at optimal levels to stimulate nutrient flow, circulation and elasticity, intensifying your skin's intrinsic ability to actively repair and rejuvenate. Renew your skin from environmental damage with our collection of indulgent skin rituals favored by internationally acclaimed spas. Our Juenevie Light therapy is the strongest in its product line giving your skin that radiance that can last up to 3 days giving you that glow. Done everyday or every two days; you get the optimum results.

Juenevie Signature Massage (10-Culture Touch Massage) is a unique combination of Ten Massages in one,  from all over the world. Combined with your choice of exclusive Juenevie Essential Oils they bring you to the pinnacle of massage indulgence.

Other Signature Massage

Four Hands Mandara Massage
The Juenevie Four Hands Mandara Massage involves oiled synchronized techniques and application of effleurage pressure and stretching using Juenevie essential oils. This very relaxing massage is performed by two trained therapists who work together harmoniously using fingers, hands and arms bringing you into a deep state of mental rest and relaxation.

Juenevie Aromatherapy Massage
The Juenevie Aromatherapy Massage gives you an array of Twenty (20) choices of essential blends giving you the liberty to choose (1) or (2) scents we shall combine for your treatment booking:

Juenevie Thai Massage
Origins of Thai Massage involve stretching and deep massage and are performed on the floor. It is quite similar to yoga that it aims to improve flexibility and circulation while stimulating lymph nodes to clear the body of toxicants. This massage is both therapeutic and spiritual in nature and will leave you rejuvenated.

Juenevie Balinese Massage
This indulgent oiled Indonesian Balinese Massage is known to be a ritual before weddings. Escape this world and renew your mind with Juenevie Balinese Massage that is the blend of aromatherapy essential oils and acupressure, firm and gentle strokes that will bring you into a deep state of sleep, mental and physical well- being.

Juenevie 80 Sun Stone Therapy
Juenevie Sun Stone Therapy includes 80 Basalt stones which are heated delivering relief as it is positioned in various parts of the body including the face. This healing stone ritual relaxes tensed muscles and thereafter the body is luxuriously lathered with Juenevie essential oils massage leaving you renewed and invigorated.

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0927 6876903

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