December 18, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays: Anak sa Labas

What will you feel and do if one day you'll learn that your spouse has 'anak sa labas'? Will you get mad and throw plates on your spouse? Leave the house? Or tell your better half to leave the house?

When John found out I have anak sa labas, di naman sya nagalit. He accepted it wholeheartedly because I did the same when I learned he has more anak sa labas than I have.

Wait, wait, wait, before we get confused, I am not talking about illegitimate kids here. I'm talking about the street children who visit us everyday to ask for food and recyclable materials that they can sell. We actually call them our anak sa labas or our children from outside the house. 

Although at times these kids can be so annoying when they call and ask for stuff when we're just about to sleep, John and I are actually very thankful to them because they bring us closer to the reality of life.  Their stories, their smiles and their genuine love for life make us more human. More importantly our anak sa labas teaches valuable lesson to our very own children.  Through our anak sa labas, Julia, Rafael and Juan learned at a very young age that sharing and giving is an ingredient they must keep for the rest of their lives.


At kung may mga anak kami sa labas, may mga kapatid din kami sa labas. 

This is Ate Rowena, our favorite kapatid sa labas. She talks a lot and tell stories about her life over and over and over. What's nice about Ate Rowena is that she always wishes us well and prays for us. Aside from asking recyclable stuff and food, she spends her time going to church and praying for those who are kind to her.

We will surely miss them - mga kamag-anak sa labas ng bahay, when we move to UK. They are reminders that life's basic need is food, love and understanding.

Enjoy the people around you, even if they're annoying and irritating for you'll never know if you'll ever see them again. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and  Joy in each other’s life."
-Richard Bach

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