January 17, 2014

Benefits of Eating Chico

I seldom cook and when I do I involve my children as our bonding time. Yesterday, as I was cooking sinigang, I asked Rafael to peel and cut the vegetables...

Rafael: Mom, will I still peel the potato
Me: That's not a potato, anak. That's Chico.

While cooking, I was munching on the fruit...

Juancho: Mom, is that lansones you're eating?
Me: This is Chico, not lansones.

Chico is probably one of the fruits that's not so famous or familiar to kids nowadays.  Unlike my children, I grew up eating Chico by the dozen (well dozens!). That's how much I like Chico!

Although Rafael, Julia and Juan know Chico, they still get confuse every time they see it.  They also do not eat Chico because as they say, "it's like there's a sand inside" or "it's a bit sandy". 

It's high time this brown and round fruit get the attention it much deserves.

Chico goes by many names, but is commonly referred to as chico fruit. Although a poor source of vitamin C, Chico is loaded with vitamins and is a good source of calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is originally from Mexico and was brought by the Spaniards as they explored  Southeast Asia.

Unlike other fruits, Chico bears fruit most months of the year and can be grown in many parts of the country. Chico fruit are eaten fresh when ripe. While other people peel off the skin, I  prefer to eat even the skin as it contains the most fiber, resulting to a better-smoother bowel movement. The fruit, in the earlier days is used as purgative. So if one is suffering from constipation, this fruit is will do its work.   

Other use of Chico:

The bark produces a milky latex, the source of chicle (a major ingredients of chewing gum)
Lumber from chico wood can also be used in the manufacture of the cabinets and furniture.

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  1. Thank you for introducing chico to my life, haha. I know chico kaya lang diko pinapansin. It was only then when I saw you biting like you were eating the most delicious, sweetest fruit.. and I was like.. uh oh! that must be very sweet.. you're such a great influential "endorser," ever. hehe.

    Now, tell Juancho and kids all the benefits so they will also like it.


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