January 20, 2014

Classified Job

I've been battling this feeling of whether to go back to work or not since November 2013. For three consecutive weeks, I bought newspapers to check the classified ads section. There are many jobs that matched my qualifications so I called a meeting with my board members to get their opinions...

Me: Guys, I'm thinking on going back to work. I need to know your take on this.
Juancho: I'm okay lang, Mommy, whatever you like to do.
Rafael: E, who's gonna take care of us? Our baon, our food?
Me: We will get yayas again, like before when you were babies.
Julia: I vote no, Mom. It's hard to sleep without holding your hands.
Rafael: Yeah, and who's gonna scratch my back and caress my head? I vote no.
Juancho: I'm really okay, Mom. You can go back to work basta you wake up earlier so you can cook our baon and go home agad so we can all pray together and sleep sabay-sabay.

So there, my classified job - MOM.

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