January 17, 2014

Of Jars and Flexibility

At around 9pm last January 1 we made an impromptu visit to Nora. We wanted to surprise and make her happy. 

Nora started serving food and drinks, then she placed jars on the table. We didnt know what it was for until she said, "that's what we use as glass because we like to help protect the environment by utilizing and recycling stuff and things". We all thought she was joking til she started pouring some Tanduay Ice (I do drink now occasionally because I'm done breastfeeding Juan after 7 long-happy-fulfilling years!). 

In the end we were the ones who were surprised when Nora placed those 3 jars on the table. The jars made us all laugh the whole night.  I thought that would be the  end of a jar story until yesterday...

For my children's lunch, I cooked macaroni soup only to realized that their lock and lock lunch kit was already transported in our house in UK! I searched inside the cupboards and only found these empty jars of chocolate spread.  I closed the cabinets and thought of just giving Julia, Rafael and Juan money to buy at their school canteen. I opened the cabinets again and realized these jars is a great opportunity to give my children some lesson on flexibility. Of course, there were hesitation on my kids when I told them that their soup will be in these jars. So, I started with an early preaching...

Me: You see guys, sometimes things happen when you least expect it. What do you do then? Will you cry, be mad, mope? You see flexibility is something you have to develop within you. It'll help you to easily adapt to certain changes; it'll help you adjust to new surrounding; it'll help you be fluid as you travel life...

I was cut short. They all agreed. Siguro sumakit ang mga tenga ng mga anak ko kaka daldal. But you see, children are intelligent, all parents must do is explain the many whys of things. 

“Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.” 
― Jason Kravitz

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  1. Okay! Enough said. lol. thanks for the positive feedback and feature. haha. Now let's work on for our future business, themed jar party and more...


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