June 5, 2014

Dr. Kong Helps Correct Pediatric Flatfoot

Flat foot more commonly known as fallen arches is a condition found in both children and adults.  I learned at Dr. Kong event that having flat feet is hereditary but can also be caused by baby fat and loose joint connections between the bones of the feet. When this deformity occurs in children, it is referred to as “pediatric flatfoot. Flat feet, even in older children, usually do not cause any problems. But there are  flatfoot type that requires surgery.

Since I have flat feet and having flat foot is hereditary, I brought my kids at Dr. Kong, Galleria branch to have their feet checked.  

The result was then explained to us. Julia, Rafael and Juan all have flat feet.  But it's Julia who needs the most support from the shoes she wears so as not to worsen the condition of her feet.

Julia chose this 2-inch heel, sandals at P3,300. It was a  good choice since we have the same shoe size.
In short, I can always borrow this, lol!

Have your kids' feet checked and enjoy the trip at Dr. Kong.

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