January 6, 2014

Why Grilled Chicken is Healthy?

Christmas season warmed my heart but gave me extra pounds and bulges. To cut down, I'm on the sixth day of no-rice meal. Instead of friend chicken, I go for El Pollo's grilled/roasted chicken. El Pollo's chicken is perfect for those on a high protein less carb diet.

The first ever Pollo Loco opened in Greenbelt in 1992. Round Table Pizza, where I used to work was actually a sister company of Pollo Loco. Unfortunately, Round Table Pizza didn't stand the test of time. It closed after just a few years of operation.

Why grilled chicken is healthy?

As the cooking method drains all the fat off the meat, the meat will have even less fat.  In short, fewer calories and fat in the final product. 

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  1. i remember Pollo Loco sa Megamall. so 6th day no rice? I can't stand a day with no rice. LOL.


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