January 15, 2014

Wonderful Wednesdays: The Power of I'm Sorry and Thank You

Juancho was sick the whole day of Saturday. He was throwing up every hour.  He must have eaten something his stomach didn't approve of. We also suspect that he was hit by a bug (more of a Philippine belief) called "usog".

He was able to sleep for four hours straight then started vomiting again at around 2am of Sunday. After throwing up...

Juan: I'm sorry, Mom, I'm giving you a hard time. I'm sorry for disturbing your sleep.
Me: It's okay, baby. I just want you to be well now.

He changed his clothes and when we were about to sleep...

Juan: I'm so lucky to have a supportive Mom. Thank you, Mommy. 

Those four words, I'm Sorry and Thank You, spoken by a seven year old boy like a true gentleman melted my heart and made me sleep like I haven't slept before.

If only adults speak I'm Sorry and Thank You like they really mean them, these four words will actually improve and enhance relationships. 

Photo source: Internet
Photo source: Internet

Now, think of a person you hurt and apologize sincerely. See how it will make every muscle in your body relax. And of course, the release of anger and stress from the recipient.

Remember, it takes a strong person to apologize.

How about going out your way to thank that someone in meaningful way? Being thankful to everyone for everything they do  makes your life better.

Have a Wwnderful Wednesday!

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  1. I miss you One! Hope you feel better now! Such an amazing and adorable boy! Surely, those words will melt your heart away... See you one of these days... miss you all guys!


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