February 7, 2014

Fashionable Friday: Swap Top

I've been doing this for a long time now.  I always make a garage sale after every season. Before moving in to UK,  I asked my friend Nora to join  me in my yard sale.  Among the many clothes on the rack, my friend spotted my old glittery top and saved it  from the items ready to sell at a giveaway price.   Likewise, I immediately got her black top  and kept it in my closet. We both agreed to wear our  Swap Top yesterday at the  GSK,  Air We Breathe event.

My friend, on her conservative side, paired it with my blue scarf to  cover her undergarment while I added an accent to her black top with red accessories.

And this is how we wore our top in our previous events. 

Win Against Asthma  with Journey frontman,  Arnel Pineda. 
photo credit: www.morethanjustasahm.com

Swap Top  with your  friends some time and try to recreate fashion by giving your old clothes a new look.

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  1. ooh! I am surprised! Thanks for the feature and the credit. You shouldn't mention me here, but thanks anyway. Love, love this one. Thanks for giving a new look to my fave top. :)


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