February 10, 2014

GSK's Win Against Asthma Campaign

GSK is one of the world’s leading, research-based pharmaceutical companies with the mission to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. At the core of GSK’s business model is the use of knowledge and development of intellectual property. We create value by researching, manufacturing and making available products that improve people’s health and well-­‐being.A healthier society enables people to live life to its fullest, allowing them and their communities to prosper. A sustained flow of innovative products enables our business to grow and replenish our value to patients and consumers. •

GSK manufactures and distributes more than four billion packs of products to 150 countries around the world. With this extensive global presence, GSK is striving to make our products as widely accessible as possible. • To increase access to GSK products in the world’s least-­‐developed countries, we have held the prices of our patented medicines in this region at no more than 25% of our developed-­‐world prices and we reinvest one-­‐fifth of the profits we make from sales in these territories back into local healthcare infrastructure projects. •

We are proud of the forty years we have spent applying pioneering respiratory science to develop better medicines which have benefitted millions of people worldwide. •

Over the last forty years, the medicines and devices we have developed, together with insights from our scientific programmes and our collaboration with heathcare professionals, have played a fundamental role in improving disease understanding and patient management.


Kim Chiu has come a long way from her Pinoy Big Brother days. From the bashful, chinkyeyed Cebuana teenager, she is now one of the most sought after actresses in local showbusiness.

Hailed as the country’s Teleserye Princess, a box-office queen, and one of the most pleasant and wholesome girls in the industry, one may think that Kim Chiu has had it easy.

Not many know that Kim also suffers from asthma. Kim shares that she has suffered from asthma since high school and has been dealing with it it for over 5 years now.

‘Eversince masyado na akong active. Back in high school, I played volleyball, basketball and even sipa,’ she quipped. One day, Kim shares that she just coughed non-stop and experienced unexplained shortness of breath accompanied by rapid heartbeat. She was rushed to the hospital and was eventually diagnosed with asthmaEntering showbusiness made it more challenging to manage her asthma as it entailed a lot of hours of taping and working overtime, not to mention the constant lack of sleep.

‘Sa work naming mga artista, kasama namin ang pagod at puyat pero syempre hindi naman talaga maiiwasan yun para makapagbigay saya sa iba,’ she shared. And for Kim, it is no question that the saying ‘the show must go on’ holds true even with her condition.

Kim says she heeds the advice of her doctor but doesn’t ‘baby’ her sickness to the point of limiting herself. ‘Kung lahat nalang ng bawal, eh, sereyosohin ko ng grabe, I will miss half of my life kaya naman ready lang parati ang gamot ko at in moderation lang ang pagka-active as much as possible.’

Kim is also a certified dog-lover and many are aware that pets can trigger asthma. She also has a niece living with her and together, they share their love for dogs. ‘Meron kaming tatlong Pomeranian at para silang mga furball. One white, one chocolate brown and the other, light brown.’ Kim also shared that she cannot simply give up her dogs and over the years, she has learned to deal with having them around safely by not being too close and playful and by limiting the hugging. ‘Alam ko na kung ano ang nakaka-tigger kaya iiwasan ko na. Pero, love ko parin ang dogs namin at hindi mawawala yon, plus of couse, parating ready ang gamot at maintenance ko.’

 For Kim Chiu, the clear choice is not to allow asthma to restrict her. Instead, Kim chooses to be a winner over asthma!

Kim Chiu likes doing something new everyday and nothing can stop her from doing so. She is one with you in your fight against asthma.


When the famed rock band Journey needed a new vocalist to replace the legendary Steve Perry, they turned to You Tube, where they found various clips of an unknown 40-year-old band singer from the Philippines. Then, Arnel Pineda was simply just a small-town boy, living in a lonely world, covering different rock songs that included those of Journey. But fate was kind and he had the phenomenal voice, stage presence and the bearing of a natural-born rock star. Now he is living a dream that goes on, and on, and on, and on.

Arnel Pineda didn’t stop believing and his amazing journey keeps reaching unbelievable new heights. His mythical rise from the slums of Manila, to being a pizza joint singer and conquering the international music scene is nothing short of breathtaking.

Who would haveknown, that with every heart-pounding performance he gives, Arnel suffers from a real and literally breath-taking condition called asthma.

Asthma didn’t come ‘til later in Arnel’s life. He recalls one morning in the year 2000, while cleaning their room in their old house in Kamuning, he felt an onset of colds which he thought was just a normal thing until it got worse in just about 30 minutes. ‘Bigla nalang maga na yung ilong ko at merong shortness of breath,’ he shared. ‘Nagpahinga ako sandali pero after awhile, ayan na naman.’

Arnel found his first time condition odd and having no budget for consultation, sought the advice of a doctor-friend who discovered that his larynx was inflamed due to dust. Apparently it was a case of asthma triggered by allergies. ‘Nung una nga, eh, mahirap paniwalaan kasi malakas naman ako at hindi naman ako naninigarilyo.’ The doctor questioned Arnel about his exposure to smoke and apparently another major trigger was inhaling 2nd hand smoke from the bars and venues where he’d performed in Manila.

Eventually the triggers also came from vehicle smoke when he’d commute and ride the jeep, tricycle or taxi. This went on for years and even worsened around the time he was discovered to be Journey’s lead singer in 2008.

But of course, Arnel, being the believer that he is, couldn’t just let his sickness topple the wonderful opportunity of raising the Filipino flag in the world of music and took everything as a challenge. ‘After every performance, sobrang bigat ng pakiramdam ko, hindi ako makahinga and may wheezing sound dahil nga wala ng oxygen na pumapasok. Hindi naging madali nung una pero kailangan labanan,’ he explained.
At that time, the band was scheduled to have a tour to introduce him as the new vocalist. His doctor advised that he really needed to take care of his lungs and larynx with water therapy and steady medications that would be his companion in all succeeding performances from that time on. ‘Ang kasama ko sa backstage, maraming gamot.’

As a father, Arnel is even more understanding and caring to his children, especially to their 8- year old boy who is also suffering from asthma. To help, he encourages them to get into sports such as biking, running or swimming and as much as possible, do it together as a family. Arnel and his wife also do their best to provide their kids with healthy and nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables, fish, etc.

As Arnel’s journey continues, he sees himself still perfoming and making his own music as he grows older. ‘While people believe in me and my talent, I’ll keep on going and offering this gift of music.

Hinding-hindi na mawawala yon. Yung mga challenges, tulad ng sakit ko, I can’t let it rule dahil mahal ko ang ginagawa ko at lalong-lalo na yung mga taong napapaligaya ko.’ Arnel has been managing his asthma for a long time. He has battled the disease, dismissed fear in dealing with his condition, and has stopped considering it a big hindrance to his career. Arnel strongly believes that as long as he works very closely with his doctor, he will win over asthma.

And with his commitment, both to bring happiness through his music or winning against asthma, indeed, he never stops believing.

Arnel is committed to bring happiness through his music and winning against asthma. 

 For further information please visit www.gsk.com.

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