February 18, 2014

Harnn's Auburn Aromatic Oil Perfume Review

I am sick.  The cause is allergy from dust and paint.  All kinds of perfume and colognes make me sneeze, except for Harnn's Auburn Aromatic Oil Perfume because the smell is peaceful, calming and uplifting.  And because the  fragrance Alcohol free, it is safe even for kids.

The key ingredients' (Bergamot Fruit Oil, Orange Flower Oil, Sandalwood Bark Oil) aroma blends well with each other. Bergamot relieves stress, depression, insomnia, skin disorders and digestive conditions. It is also useful for infectious wounds, as an insect repellent and for cystitis. Orange is anti-bacterial, anti-depressive, anti-septic, a deodorant and an aphrodisiac. Orange Blossom is also very useful in skin care; it rejuvenates the complexion and improves very dry or mature skin. While Sandalwood induces a feeling of deep peace. Sandalwood is also anti-infections, a decongestant, anti-depressant, a sexual tonic and an aphrodisiac. It has been used in the healing process of major burns victims, due to its antiseptic properties.

Ayurvedic practice of using colors to restore the natural balance of body's Chakra points,  thus helps in healing my sick body.

There are other blends of Aromatic Oil Perfume, visit HARNN Greenbelt 5 and feel the sense of tranquility that I feel each time I use Auburn Aromatic Oil Perfume.

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