March 14, 2014

Fashionable Fridays: Distressed Jeans

The first and last pair of distressed jeans I made and worn was about 25 years ago. Not that I don't like this fashion. I actually like it so much. Perhaps it was the lecture from my father at a young age that made me not wear a distressed jeans this long. 

It was the hype of Andrew E's career when I made a distressed jeans.  I wore it while singing Binibirocha.  Papa heard me singing...

Papa:  What are you singing? Don't you know the message of that song? It's not a proper song for a girl like you. And what are you wearing? Why did you do that to your pants? Go up and change into a proper dress.

The story above was more than half my age. Now at 40...

This distressed jeans is actually Nora's of More Than Just A Sahm. She didn't want it anymore so I tried it. Voila, it fits! It's mine now! Thanks Nuts for the pants and the nice photos!


  1. I don't wear blue jeans much,kasi feeling ko lalo akong lumiliit.Good for you,kasi bagay naman at kering-keri mo. :)

  2. This post deserves to be on your homepage forever, sana di matabunan, lol. Saglit lang sa homepage, napunta na sa viral mong post. Buma-viral with 200 likes and counting.

    Thanks for the linky love and acknowledging the pretty owner and giving my pants a much deserved distressed owner, yours now. Thanks also to my new jeans. Swap down eto. haha


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