March 22, 2014

Life Oil

If you frequent this blog, you know that I don't cook as much, but when I do, malunggay is always a part of the menu.

Last night at Pro-Earth Run event, I came across one of the sponsors, Life Oil. Got to talk with Life's Oil representative and she discussed the following benefits of Life Oil. I will try this product and will post a review soon.

LifeOil is made of 100% malunggay oil extracted from selected leaves of the Moringa Oleifera tree under strict post-harvest and quality control procedures.

Unlike other moringa products in the market, Life Oil is not crushed or pulverized malunggay leaves which, if harvested randomly, may contain sulfur from acid rain and carcinogens due to heavy metals like lead, chromium, and mercury.

Life Oil soft gel capsules capture the benefits of malunggay in its purest and powerful form that effectively help increase energy, strengthen the immune system, manage diabetes / sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, control blood pressure, and fight cancer.

The Philippine-manufactured Life Oil is the only moringa oil product in the world. Each soft gel capsule contains 500mg of combined oil extract, which is equivalent to 1000 grams of malunggay leaves and seeds.

You can find Malungai LifeOil in leading drugstores nationwide in 60 soft gel capsules power pack and 10 soft gel capsules energy pack.

Ounce per ounce, Moringa has:

7X more VITAMIN C than in Oranges
4X more VITAMIN A than in Carrots
4X more CALCIUM than in Milk
3X more POTASSIUM than in Bananas
3X more IRON than in Spinach
3X more VITAMIN E than in Almonds
2X more PROTEIN than in Yogurt

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