March 11, 2014

Paseo Verde Model Units Now Ready for Viewing

LEED Inc.’s vision to create a sustainable, eco-friendly environment takes a step further to fruition with the opening of their model units at the site of their first real estate project: Paseo Verde along Real St., Pulang Lupa Uno in Las Pinas City.

Paseo Verdo is a 1.1 Hectare mid-rise condominium development which boasts to set a green standard of living for its owners. The model units: 24.70sqm and  29.5sqm studio units; 38.25 one-bedroom; 51.13 two-bedroom, and a 66.55 three-bedroom, all depict an eco-friendly way of life for its future residents.

All units are designed to invoke nature with the use of natural materials such as wooden accents and flooring. Walls are also painted with light colors to maximize natural illumination coming in from every unit’s large windows. Wooden mobile cabinets also adorn these spaces, and the design is consistent to that of a charming and homey cabin.

The units also make use of recycled construction materials – doors and jambs are made from recycled wood, a small step in preserving our forest / nature giving the development a rustic feel as well.

The model units also give ideas on how to efficiently use space in condo living. The studio unit for example, makes use of a cabinet as both storage for the ref, and extra storage area for other things. This same cabinet is used as mount for the tv, while a half round table set against a wall serves both a compact dining area, or instant bar during small gatherings.

Outdoor green features

Aside from the units, Paseo Verde is set to offer exceptional Green Features that define the whole project. These are amenities that focus on their groundbreaking green architecture and puts emphasis to the company’s three environment focus: Climate Change, the Clean Air Act, and the Safety and Health of its Residents.

First is the use of energy-efficient streetlights that illuminate the gated community’s grounds. The lights don’t make use of any electricity at all, and gets energy from solar panels.

Next is the rain catchment facility, which allows the whole development to make use of recycled rain water for grounds upkeep. Water from rainfalls is used to clean the surrounding, and water the green patches that make-up the lifestyle facilities. Paseo Verde at Real also has a unique ‘rain garden’ located under the property’s cistern – this serves as a natural water filter which means less water waste is thrown out of the drainage system, and in turn, lessening the chances of floods in surrounding areas during the tropical storm season.

The layout of all three towers also ensure that indoor air quality is at its best: Pocket gardens that open to large air pockets in the middle of every residential floor ensure that fresh air circulate freely around the building. This removes the stifling feeling often associated with most condo developments.

The most unique feature of Paseo Verde at Real are the bike facilities that will be made available upon construction. Aside from bike lanes, there will be permanent bike racks where lovers of the activity can park their equipment safely.

Biking will definitely be promoted by the project as they also put charging stations for e-bikes – a mode of transportation that will be encouraged for older residents.

Future homeowners will be encouraged to take public transportation through nearby transportation hubs located near the community, the proposed LRT Extension station connecting the South to other transit facilities is also a stone’s throw away. This makes it easy to move around strategic parts of the city.

Check out the Paseo Verde model units by visiting the site today. Paseo Verde at Real is accredited by the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) and a member of the Philippine Green Building Council for its steps towards promoting a sustainable community. The first tower turnover is scheduled in October, 2015. For more information, please call 854-1652.

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