March 29, 2014

Rannie Raymundo - Why Can't It Be

I went on an all ladies night out last Tuesday to see The Reo Brothers. I did that all for Nora. I wasn't expecting any amazing thing to happen but Nora was right all along - The Reo Brothers is a must watch band! I'm now a proud member of REOTICS (Official Supporting Group Of REO BROTHERS BAND).

Then came Chi-Chi Flavier who welcomed us.  I asked if she's the owner of Primos Cuisine and Lounge. Her reply, "I'm a co-owner. My partner is Rannie Raymundo".

Oh my goodness! So this night was not just for Nora after all. The night was meant for me to see my favorite Rannie Raymundo! 

A few minutes after the first set of songs from The Reo Brothers, Rannie Raymundo came by the door! I didn't wait for Rannie to come by our table for I immediately went straight to where he was standing, and picture-picture!

Sharing below one of Rannie's most popular songs - Why Can't It Be.
I'm dedicating this song sa mga taong umaasa pa sa pag-ibig na di natamasa (wink, wink)

Video grabbed with permission from RonMon

If just like me, you want to see Rannie Raymundo, visit Primos Cusine and Lounge at The HUB, Mayflower St., Greenfield District ( Formerly EDSA Central along Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong across Shangri La Plaza). Rannie performs at Primos every Friday.  Reservation is required, call (02) 584 2908.

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