March 16, 2014


My recent unhappy bout with bullies stressed me. To burn the negative energy, I took a deep breath, slept, woke up, cooked carbonara (  I call this Carbonara ni Mama Ligaya) and tried vlogging.

The finish product...
The verdict: 4 stars daw. Masarap kaya lang matigas pa ang pasta.


  1. I love your Kitchen Ate Joy! If I have kitchen like that, I'll be motivate to cook. Lol.

    1. Hi Ay! Nahihiya naman kasi akong tumanda at maging lola na di ko man lang maipagluto ang pamilya...

  2. For a first Vlog, I say you did it well. Unpolished, unscripted, unedited and raw.
    So I transcribe this myself for your readers haha.

    Juan: *shouting from 3rd floor* Mommmmmy... what is that smell, are you cooking? I smell something good....

    El: Hey, Juan, Silence please. This is a video.

    That is so cute, a typical day at mendiolables. Hihi

    If you are to offer me as a guest in our Vlog, make sure you already know video editing because I charge per minute for my TF. LOL. Now, I am blogging here. :)))

  3. I'll find someone who can teach me video editing so you won't be able tocharge me much.


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