March 4, 2014

Ways to Prevent Fire

The government, private agencies, schools, and other institutions provide safety precautions in order to prevent fire during Fire Prevention Month.  Fire Prevention Month is an annual nationwide observance held every March in the Philippines  during which fire prevention activities are administered. March was chosen as the month for this because it marks the start of the hot, dry season during which most fires occur.

Fire Prevention Month is not an event to celebrate but a time to be extra careful and watchful, and time to check wires and other electrical equipment that causes of fire.

This is a footage I got in our former neighborhood in Malaya. The garbage truck hit the wire, then caused fire. If not for the immediate action of Mandaluyong Fire Department the fire will might have burned many houses.

Ways to prevent fire:

1. Inspect your home regularly. You may need the help of someone experienced in electrical wiring
2.  Look for overloaded circuit breakers, panel boxes, or fuse boxes.
3.  Check lpg. If you smell gas leak, call your gas supplier for check up.
4.  Check your appliances. Keep your stove and oven clean.
5.  Never store flammable liquids near ignition sources.
6.  Do not use an extension cord for extended periods of time. 
7. Don't sit or lie down when smoking.
8.  Instead of candles and oil lamps, I use oil diffuser to make my home smelling nice and clean.
9.  I almost burn our house twice when I was young because I immediately placed a match. I learned my lesson, now before putting a lighted match in a trash can I quickly place in or run under water to extinguish any invisible flame. Teach your children not to play with lighters or matches.
10. Consider having a home sprinkler system installed.

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