April 8, 2014

DIY - Coffee Grounds as Body Scrub

I first learned about the Cellulite Coffee Scrub in 1999 at Aromatherapy (where I used to have my bi-monthly body massage and scrub).  My therapist said that coffee is beneficial because it can help eradicate cellulite because when the caffeine it contains comes into contact with the surface of your skin, it helps redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of more cellulite. In addition coffee scrubs can help prevent or eradicate small varicose veins because the caffeine in the scrub acts as a vascular restrictor, something which shrinks blood vessels, thus helping to reduce varicose veins. 

Ever since then, I'd go for Cellulite Coffee Scrub in Aromatherapy until they closed in 2002. Fortunately for me, my husband prefers coffee grounds over instant coffee so I had a cheaper alternative than going to another spa.

Here's my take on do-it-yourself  all natural exfoliation using coffee grounds as body scrub. 

1. I wait for John to brew his coffee

2.  Remove the coffee grounds and place it on a plastic container

3.  I put massage or body oil on coffee grounds

4.  I scoop out small amount of coffee grounds and I softly rub it over my entire body in a circular motion. I usually start on my elbows, followed by knees, thighs, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, buttocks, legs, and last but not least my feet.

5.  Then I rinse my whole body with warm water, to remove all the coffee grounds.  It's better not to soap your body afterward to keep oils from your skin for better moisturization. Pat your skin dry (don't rub the skin).


6.  Don't leave a mess. I make sure to clean the area before violent reactions come flying high, (wink, wink!).

Extra tips:

1. If you don't have have coffee grounds at home, ask your friendly gal or guy in your favorite coffee shops. They usually give used coffee grounds for free.
2.  For a more moisturize body, add brown sugar and olive oil to the coffee ground.  It is known that coffee tightens and rejuvenates skin, while brown sugar exfoliates well and olive oil moisturises brilliantly.
3.  Discard any leftover scrub and make a fresh batch for each use.
4.  Do not use this coffee ground mixture on your face because face needs only products that is gentle to the delicate skin.
5.  Ask your husband, wife, partner, lover  to scrub your back. It feels so good to be touched by someone you love. The benefit goes beyond exfoliation and cellulite reduction. Hmm, I'm stopping right now.


  1. thank you for letting me discover coffee as scrub. Ans sosyal lang ng coffee ko ha. And btw, you really should clean the bathroom baka maya madulas because of oil and the coffee stains the floor. :),

    1. Nuts, I thought your comment is for the no.5 tip...hehehe.


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