April 1, 2015

Preggy with Triplets

I knew I was not going to be a mother for I had difficulty conceiving because of endometriosis. It took me years, with the help of Dr. Roger Mendiola, before having twins Julia and Rafael in 2002. The twins are nicknamed Ia and El. I took the last two letters from their names.

Then Juan was born three years after. He was named Juan from the English version of his dad's name, John. Juan is nicknamed Juancho or One (because he's only one unlike his Ate and Kuya.

Now at 40, I am on the way with triplets! 
(Grabbed from internet)

What would I name them then? If mix gender, I'll call them Kwatro, Singko, Sais.

(Grabbed from internet)

If all girls, they'll be Juana, Juliana, Juanita. 
(Grabbed from internet)

If all boys, they will be called Rafaello, Raffy, Ralf
(Grabbed from internet)

Conceiving triplets played in my mind for so long. Kakayanin ko pa bang mag-alaga? Magpuyat? Maghabol sa tatlong malilikot na chikiting? Will I be able to breastfeed triplets equally? These are some of the questions that I used to ask myself. 

Mahirap din siguro at my age to conceive triplets, buti na lang April Fools Day lang ngayon. Happy April Fools Day!

If I will be blessed with triplets, of course they will be a welcome addition to the Mendiolables. 


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    1. Thanks, Sai, but this is all an April Fools joke..lol!

  2. You got me there for a minute, Joy ! Anyway, I think you will one great mom of triplets whether that's wishful thinking or not. God bless you and your family and I hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Wish we can have coffee na soon...

  3. How are these comments posted a year before the actual post. My wife's ultra sound is identical to this one, how is that possible. Who's responsible for the ultra sound post


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