April 13, 2014

The Best Time to Circumcise

Circumcision is a procedure when the foreskin that covers the end of a penis is removed during surgery. Circumcision is a controversial issue that varies from country to country. Some countries believe that boys do not need circumcision, unless there is a medical need.

In the Philippines, circumcision is carried out as part of medical, religious, social and cultural reasons.  It is a time when boys are considered and welcomed as a young man. Circumcision is a counterpart when girls had their first monthly period and welcomed as a young lady.

Most of my male relatives were circumcised at the age of twelve, so I was just waiting for another year to have my son undergo circumcision by 2015. Last February, before the end of classes, Rafael came to me and said, "Mom, cut na". I was baffled and said, "baby, you just had your hair cut last week". He then said, "No Mom, I mean cut na, you know".

The next day, we went to the pediatrician and asked her when is the best time for circumcision. The doctor answered me with a question, "what did your son say about it?".  I replied, "Rafael wants to have it done this summer." The doctor quickly said, "well that's the best time to circumcise, when the boy says he is ready and knowing that he is comfortable so as not to have a painful or traumatic experience". 

The Mendiolables came in full force to support Rafael on his journey

Dr. Mark Joseph Avendano did the surgery. 
You can visit him at MeDispex Multispecialty Clinic, 
Marketplace Mall, 4th floor, Gen. Kalentong St. Mandaluyong City.  
Contact numbers: 383-8049/ 0919-3060299
Clinic schedule Tuesday to Saturday - 4pm to 7pm. 


  1. Good luck! and get well. Thankfully,my boys had it when they were only 2 days old. :D

    1. oo nga, your boys are done na. in other countries they do it pag babies pa. medyo nauuso na din dito sa pinas.


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