May 29, 2014

5 Simple Ways to Conserve Water

It took us almost 12 years to finally have the house that we can call our own so John and I were meticulous with how we wanted it done. When John asked me for the design I want, I just told him to give me a nice bathroom with a bidet for I long to say goodbye to timba at tabo (pail and dipper).

John gave me what I wanted, both bathrooms (second floor for the guests and ours) have their respective bidets.

John wanted bath tub so he designed to have one for the family bathroom.

The bath tub is originally made for  that important "husband and wife time" (wink, wink), but it's our youngest son who regularly uses it. It takes about 35 gallons of water to fill the tub so every after Juancho's bath, I make sure to put the water in good use. 

This is where timba and tabo comes back into my life. I thought I said goodbye to them for good but I can't take wasting water for I was born in the 70s when clean water was scarce. Imagine lining up for  long hours everyday to fetch clean water for the whole family, that's why I'm strict when it comes to conserving water.

According to United Nations, 3.4 billion people will be living in countries defined as water-scarce by 2025. I'm afraid that when water is scarce, we will be forced to consume dirty or contaminated water. There is so much that we as individuals can do to help conserve water. Remember, small adjustments can have a big impact not only by reducing monthly water bills, but will go a long way towards alleviating the growing water crisis. Here are 5 simple ways to conserve water:

1. Don’t leave the tap running. 
2. Stop that leaky toilet. I remember a few years back, our water bill shoot up from P150 to P800+ because of a leak left unfixed.
3. Repair dripping faucets immediately.
4. Use glass when brushing teeth.
5. Since it's already rainy season, collect rain water that you can use to clean and water your garden.

For car owners, you might want to try WASHBOI WATERLESS CARWASH, you'll surely help conserve tons of water every year. 

Imagine what I'll clean after Juancho uses the inflatable pool!

"Water is the driver of nature."
- Leonardo da Vinci

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