May 9, 2014

iACADEMY’s “EXPOSITION: The Red Carpet Exhibit”

April 25, 2014, iACADEMY graduating students took center stage as they act as exhibitors to this most riveting event of the institution’s academic year.  The industry had the honor and privilege of being the first to bear witness to the next generation’s coming of age as iACADEMY raised the curtain and unveiled the new breed of future industry greats.

“Exposition: A Red Carpet Exhibit” was a stroke of genius and the brain child of iACADEMY’s Ms. Barbara Celis, Manager for Alumni Affairs and Placement. The intention of the event was to showcase the talent and proficiency of iACADEMY’s outgoing batch by premiering their thesis work to the industry in an unconventional, non-traditional and contemporary manner which was sure to leave a lasting and positive impression. 

Exhibit contributions came from across the board, with material ranging from Animated Short Films from the Animation program, Market Researches from Marketing and Advertising, to Websites and Automated Platforms from Software Engineering and Digital Arts programs.
The event was well-attended by the institution’s industry partners while both faculty and family members of the exhibitors were also invited to support the graduating batch’s exhibitors. 

Some notables in attendance were Adphoto Team, Best Western Plus Antel Hotel, Beyond Notebooks, IPSYSTEMS, Anino Games, Stream Engine, IdeaSpace, Secret 6 Studios, Spi Global, Synetcom and Microsoft.

“People will sometimes doubt what you say but they will always believe what you do”, this statement was given by iACADEMY’s Assistant Vice President for External Relations, Mr. Christian Timothy Sia. The outcome of the exhibit became proof to this statement as industry partners cordially gave their business cards to the exhibitors as a form of invitation to their companies.  

The Exposition also served as the spring board to launch the iOPS or the iACADEMY’s Online Placement System.  The iOPS tool allows our industry partners to access our alumni, graduating and intern roster to find potential talents. 

All in all, “Exposition: A Red Carpet Exhibit” is the latest testament of iACADEMY’s commitment to provide industry aligned education and service above and beyond the call of duty.

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