Jasmine on TV5

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is definitely one of the most sought-after young actress and brand endorser today. She is also TV5's Princess as she makes one project to another. On her next project, Jasmine will portray a fictional character of herself, billed simply as ‘JasMINE’.  

JasMINE - Suspense Drama Series  revolves around an actress who will have a conflict with a stalker called "Maskara." Maskara stalks Jasmine, sends her gifts, flowers and love letters sent to her location shoots. To make the plot more interesting Jasmine must find out who Maskara really is.

Jasmine is directed by Director Mark Meily, and is co-produced by Unitel and Ace Saatchi & Saatchi. The other actors are Matt Padilla (older brother of Daniel Padilla), Carlo Orosa,  Alwyn Uytingco,Gerard Sison, Nicole Estrada, Cai Cortez, Marvelous Alejo, and many more.

The pilot episode will be shown on June 1, 9:15PM.

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  1. I'l take note of the date. looks like a very nice story. Jasmine is a very promising star.


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