May 28, 2014

Myra Vitaglow BB Cream for Instant Glowing Skin

I grew up seeing my late mother take Myra E so I'm quite familiar with the brand.  Yesterday, a special packaged arrived and inside is a personalized make-up kit, with Myra VitaGlow BB Cream.

As a hands-on-mom of three, I've to divide my time to do a lot of errands.  When going to events there's always the need to look gorgeous in a flash. It's great to know that Myra VitaGlow BB Cream is packed with multi-benefits that allow you to combine the prettifying power of skincare and makeup. The tinted formula comes in two shades: Ivory and Beige,

Why use Myra Vitaglow BB Cream?

It’s moisturizing. This lightweight cream hydrates your skin to keep it soft and supple.
It contains Vitamin E. This helps nourish your skin even more, so your complexion appears younger-looking and healthy.
It doubles as foundation to help you even out your skintone perfectly and hide pigmentations.
It contains skin-enhancing minerals, with light-reflecting shimmers in this cream will make you look like you’ve got a lit-from-within glow. 
You can use it as concealer. Just pat an extra layer of Myra VitaGlow BB Cream to camouflage dark spots and blemishes.
It has SPF15 to protect you from harmful UV rays that causes premature aging. 
It’s hypoallergenic. Girls with sensitive skin don’t need to worry about breakouts, because this dermatologist-tested cream is proven safe for daily use.
It's affordable,  for only P99 a tube! 

Here's a step by step guide on how to apply Myra VitaGlow BB Cream by Ana Victorino, local YouTube sensation and beauty video blogger. 

For more beauty tips from Ana and to see a step-by-step guide on how to apply Myra VitaGlow BB Cream, visit

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